Events of the Consular Corps

Konsulikunta kokoontuu säännöllisesti lounas- ja muiden tilaisuuksien muodossa ja tapahtumiin ovat tervetulleita kaikki diplomaattikunnan edustajat.

Helsingfors konsulskår arrangerar för sina medlemmar månatligen lunchtillställningar med högklassiga föredrag, företags-, samfunds- och landsortsbesök samt visiter på olika länders ambassader.

Consular Corps of Finland join together for luncheons and other events regularly. Members of the Diplomatic Corps of all Embassies in Helsinki are invited to most of the Consular Gatherings. The Career Consul of other Diplomates responsible for the consular activities are meant for participating in the functions but also H.E. the Ambassador is very welcome to attend. The language of the Consular Corps in Finland is English.

Coming events

Invitations are emailed separately but please save the dates!

CC Luncheon on 20 November, 2018 in Helsinki with a Minister level Guest Speaker, starting at 11:30am.

CC Christmas Glögg, 17 December at 16:00 – 18:00 in Helsinki, traditional closing of the fall season.

February 2019, CC Luncheon in Helsinki with a Minister level Guest Speaker.

March 2019, CC Corporate Visit in Helsinki.

Please note: Invitations to the events are sent to Members of Consular Corps in 3-4 weeks prior the event.

Previous events

Please click the links for every monthly CC Event held. Furthermore, we have documented all Consular Corps Events since 1971 and for details of those events held in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s and 2010-2015 please click each section showing the full list of each period of time.

CC Corporate Visit, OP Group, 15 October 2018

October 15, 2018

After a few years break we brought back the tradition of CC Corporate Visits taking the Members of Consular Corps to visit the leading corporations in Finland. It was a great privilege to re-start this long-time tradition with a visit to the OP Group, the biggest Finnish financial house.

OP Group is a financial services group owned by its customers, a cooperative that provides banking-, insurance- and wealth-management services. OP Group has more than 12 000 employees and in the cooperative there are approximately 157 banks.

Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Dean of Consular Corps in Finland, presented the host of the CC Corporate event, Mr. Timo Ritakallio.

Our visit was hosted by Mr. Timo Ritakallio, President and Group Executive Chairman. He has been one of the key persons in the Finnish financial, banking and insurance sector for years and Consular Corps had a unique opportunity to hear his extensive visions over the financial sector’s presence and future as well OP Group’s activities in the changing environment with new digital technology, AI and beyond.

Mr. Timo Ritakallio, President and Group Executive Chairman of OP Group shared his extensive visions about the future of banking with the Consular Corps.
Representatives of 35 countries joined the event at OP Group at their HQ in Helsinki.

We thank Mr. Timo Ritakallio and OP Group for this wonderful opportunity and truly interesting evening with plenty of interactive questions and discussions around the future of banking and financial sector.