Events organized by the Consular Corps in Finland r.y.

Konsulikunta kokoontuu säännöllisesti lounas- ja muiden tilaisuuksien muodossa ja tapahtumiin ovat tervetulleita kaikki diplomaattikunnan edustajat.  /  Konsulskåren arrangerar för sina medlemmar månatligen lunchtillställningar med högklassiga föredrag, företags-, samfunds- och landsortsbesök samt visiter på olika länders ambassader.

Consular Corps in Finland hosts luncheons and other events regularly. Members of the Diplomatic Corps of all Embassies in Helsinki are invited to most of the Consular Gatherings. The Career Consul of other Diplomates responsible for the consular activities are meant for participating in the functions but also H.E. the Ambassador is very welcome to attend. The language of the Consular Corps events is English.

Please note: due the COVID19 situation all planned physical events are temporarily postponed due the current recommendations. However, we are pleased to host set of virtual events this winter-spring time.


19 April at 16:00, Yhdistyksen vuosikokous – Annual General Meeting of the Consular Corps in Finland Association – kokouksen alussa Ministeri Ville Skinnarin esitys. Kutsut lähetetään yhdistyksen jäsenille sääntöjen mukaisesti viimeistään kaksi viikkoa ennen kokousta.

We are currently working for the next  episodes of “Corporate View”, virtual afternoon events with interesting corporate profiles sharing their views on current and future issues after this challenging and unexpected era we have been living in the last  year.  Events are hosted through Teams and pre-registration is mandatory, invitations are emailed to Members. 

Previous events

Please click the links for every monthly CC Event held. Furthermore, we have documented all Consular Corps Events since 1971 and for details of those events held in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s and 2010-2015 please click each section showing the full list of each period of time.

First “Corporate View” virtual event with Mr. Panu Routila as our special guest

First event of our virtual series of “Corporate View” was held on 16 February with representatives of over 30 countries, both Honorary Consuls and Diplomats.

In his very interesting presentation, Mr. Panu Routila, our first guest opening this winter season of Consular Corps events in 2021, opened his view on global mega trends in industrial production, recovering of the world’s trade and production in post-Covid19 and different scenarios showing the path to recovery and new growth in the world.

Mr. Panu Routila has decades of experience in the Finnish industry and investment companies, his previous positions include being CEO of Konecranes between 2015-2019 and CEO of Ahlstrom Capital between 2008-2015. Currently Mr. Routila is the Chairman of the Board at Oriola PLC and Patria Group, Member of the Board at Conficap and Ensto as well as Honorary Consul of France in city of Turku.

Thank you all for your participation and active Q&A session!

And please save the date for the next one: 16 March at 3pm with Mr. Mikko Hyppönen, the world’s leading cyber security expert from F-Secure. Invitation are sent shortly.

Virtual meeting with Mr. Matti Heimonen, Head of Protocol, Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Over 30 Honorary Consuls representing over 20 countries joined the last Consular Corps Meeting of 2020. Reflecting all the changes we have experienced during this year, the CC Agenda was also closed with another virtual meeting.

Head of Protocol share his own valuable experiences of working with Finland’s Honorary Consuls around the world, opened the process of selecting Honorary Consuls to represent foreign countries in Finland and answered plenty of questions around practicalities and processes raised by the audience.

Meeting was hosted by the Dean of Consular Corps, Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Honorary Consul of Nicaragua and moderated by the Secretary, Mr. Wille Eerola, Honorary Consul General of Pakistan.

We want to thank everyone attended and especially Mr. Matti Heimonen for his time, efforts and such a wonderful support to whole Consular Corps in Finland.

CC Event at Sitra, hosted by Mr. Jyrki Katainen

Members of Consular Corps in Finland were delighted to join a physical event after a few months break due the Covid-19 recommended restrictions in Finland and this fresh start of CC Events was opened with an outstanding event with Mr. Jyrki Katainen at the head office of SITRA in Helsinki.

Around 30 participants joined the presentation of Jyrki Katainen, President of SITRA, followed by a lively discussion around future, life, politics and EU.

Thank you whole SITRA’s team and President Jyrki Katainen for wonderful afternoon!

Virtual CC Luncheon with Mr. Pekka Haavisto, Finland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

During our history of 95 years we have certainly hosted plenty of luncheons with some of the key persons in the Finnish politics and business as our Chief Guests but yesterday it was the first ever virtual one and with a very interesting and actual guest, Finland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Pekka Haavisto.

Over 40 participants representing all continents and 36 countries joined the virtual luncheon.

We want to thank Pekka Haavisto for his valuable time and wonderful discussions with over 40 members joining this historical luncheon chaired by Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Dean of Consular Corps, Hon. Consul of Nicaragua – virtually and obviously all lunch arrangements were done quite individually.

Mr. Pekka Haavisto (left), Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland and Dean of Consular Corps in Finland, Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Hon. Consul of Nicaragua.

With this event we would wish all our Members and Supporters a sunny and warm summer season. Looking forward to see you joining for a new active fall 2020 season!

Annual General Meeting, New Board

We are celebrating our 95th Anniversary this year so a first ever virtual meeting of Consular Corps in Finland matched quite well with the history.

Special thanks to Mr. Pasi Tuominen, Director General of Consular Services at Fiinland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for his wonderful presentation to open the Annual General Meeting, held on May 26.

And we are pleased to announce the new elected Board of Consular Corps:

Mr. Johan Grotenfelt
Dean of the Consular Corps, Chairman of the Board
Honorary Consul, Nicaragua

Mr. Wille Eerola
Secretary of the Consular Corps, Member of the Board
Honorary Consul General, Pakistan

Mr. Heikki Rautvuori
Coordinator of Consular Corps Events, Member of the Board
Honorary Consul, Jamaica

Mr. Jan Nygård
Treasurer, Member of the Board
Honorary Consul, Iceland

Mr. Jukka Luostarinen
Member of the Board
Honorary Consul General, San Marino

Mr. Jari A. Rastas
Member of the Board
Honorary Consul General, Poland

Mrs. Marja-Liisa Rosberg
Member of the Board
Honorary Consul, Seychelles

Mr. Timo Palander
Member of the Board
Honorary Consul, Namibia

Mr. Olli Pohjanvirta
Member of the Board
Honorary Consul, Kazakhstan

You will find all contact details here.

Traditional CC Glögg Event

The active Consular Corp’s year was closed with the traditional Christmas Glögg event. This year the event was held at the National Archives of Finland with an interesting exclusive tour at exhibition of “Finnish Orders of Merit: 100 Years” (Suomen ritarikunnat 100 vuotta), followed with some warming glögg and talks, hosted by Mr. Jussi Nuorteva, Director General of the National Archives of Finland.

We thank all our members and supporters for this year and we are looking forward to see you all participating actively in the coming events.

Consular Corps event at the Finnish National Agency of Education.

Probably the biggest and most well-known character linked to Finland globally is education – also widely recognized as the best in the world.  Consular Corps had a great opportunity to join an event hosted by Director General of Finnish National Agency of Education, Mr. Olli-Pekka Heinonen for an interesting title: “What’s cooking? Recent developments in the Finnish education system and policy”.

40 members of Consular Corps attended the event hosted by Mr. Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of Finnish National Agency of Education.