Events organized by the Consular Corps in Finland r.y.

Konsulikunta kokoontuu säännöllisesti lounas- ja muiden tilaisuuksien muodossa ja tapahtumiin ovat tervetulleita kaikki diplomaattikunnan edustajat.  /  Konsulskåren arrangerar för sina medlemmar månatligen lunchtillställningar med högklassiga föredrag, företags-, samfunds- och landsortsbesök samt visiter på olika länders ambassader.

Consular Corps in Finland hosts luncheons and other events regularly. Members of the Diplomatic Corps of all Embassies in Helsinki are invited to most of the Consular Gatherings. The Career Consul of other Diplomates responsible for the consular activities are meant for participating in the functions but also H.E. the Ambassador is very welcome to attend. The language of the Consular Corps events is English.

Please note: due the COVID19 situation all planned physical events are temporarily postponed due the current recommendations. However, we are pleased to host set of virtual events this winter-spring time.


19 April at 16:00, Yhdistyksen vuosikokous – Annual General Meeting of the Consular Corps in Finland Association – kokouksen alussa Ministeri Ville Skinnarin esitys. Kutsut lähetetään yhdistyksen jäsenille sääntöjen mukaisesti viimeistään kaksi viikkoa ennen kokousta.

We are currently working for the next  episodes of “Corporate View”, virtual afternoon events with interesting corporate profiles sharing their views on current and future issues after this challenging and unexpected era we have been living in the last  year.  Events are hosted through Teams and pre-registration is mandatory, invitations are emailed to Members. 

Previous events

Please click the links for every monthly CC Event held. Furthermore, we have documented all Consular Corps Events since 1971 and for details of those events held in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s and 2010-2015 please click each section showing the full list of each period of time.