Finland and FICAC

FICAC – Federation Internationale des Corps et Associations Consulaires

FICAC was established on the 2nd October 1982 in Copenhagen on the initiative of Mr. Vagn Jespersen, Consul General of Monaco in Denmark.

Countries present of the signatories of the Resolution agreed upon were: Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Norway, and Sweden.

Those who signed the Resolution of October 2nd 1982 were as follows:

Harry Berner, Finland
George J. Besi, Greece
Harry Blässar, Finland
Kristjan G. Gislason, Iceland
John Santikos, Greece
Dr. Oreste Geraci, Italy
Per J. Lindgaard, Norway
Knut Halvorsen, Norway
Nils-Eric Wranne, Sweden
Torsten Bjurman, Sweden
Ole Olsen, Denmark
Vagn Jespersen, Denmark
Poul Åkerlund, Denmark
Stig Källen, Sweden

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CG Vagn Jespersen acted as President until 1995, when he was elected Honorary President for lifetime. As new President was elected Consul General of Indonesia in Cyprus, Mr. Andreas Mavrommatis, former Permanent Representative of the Republic of Cyprus to the UN. Amongst the Board Members were CG Mr. Harry Berner 1982 – 1995 and CG Mr. Harry Blässar 1995 – 2000.

The first International Congress of FICAC was held Vienna in 1988, the first and last one during the Cold War, and thereafter the following FICAC Congress was supposed to be in Athens in 1991, but was cancelled due to the evidently forthcoming Gulf War. Next Congress was in Monaco in 1992, in Limassol in 1995, in Eilat, Israel in 1998 and in Curacao in 2000. The Vienna Congress of 1988 was particularly well attended by Finland: Amongst the 132 Honorary Consuls from 21 countries 30 participants came from Finland, most of them with their spouses. Represented nations by the Honorary Consuls were 52 states.

FICAC’s Vienna Congress in 1988

In Curacao in 2000 as the new President was elected Consul General Peter Gad Naschitz from Israel. By today FICAC has become enlarged, and has continued since that time by arranging meetings and Congresses in many places of the world. The constitution has been rewritten several times since the first one was finalized with the help of Consul M.P. Spanos, a lawyer from Cyprus, in Copenhagen at a Board Meeting in 1986.

As may have been noted, the nomination Honorary was not much in use at the time of the 1980’s and 90’s. The titles of Consuls and Consuls General were in use without noting that they were Honorary Representatives of their sending countries.

Just to give a picture of how active the Board of FICAC used to be, the Board, or the Executive Commission as it was called, met 12 times during the period 1995 – 2000:

Limassol, Cyprus 1995
Nicosia, Cyprus 1995
The Hague, 1996
Helsinki, 1996
Athens, 1997
Nicosia, 1998
Eilat, 1998
Brussels, 1998
Vienna, 1999
Sevilla, 1999

As for later activities of FICAC there was an unofficial Congress Meeting in Helsinki in 2008. The conference took place at Hotel Simonkenttä, and there was a dinner at Kalastajatorppa with guest of honor was President Martti Ahtisaari. The following day a luncheon was arranged in Suomenlinna at restaurant Walhalla. 

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