Annual General Meeting of Consular Corps in Finland with a presentation by Mr. Matti Heimonen, Head of Protocol of Finnish Foreign Ministry

Consular Corps was established back in 1925 in Helsinki. The world was obviously all different back then 94 years ago so now it was time to open a new chapter in our history. On 19 March 2019, Consular Corps in Finland was registered into the Finnish Registry of Associations and in the future our practices and decision making process are following our registered Articles of Association and the Finnish Law of Association.

The first ever Annual General Meeting of Consular Corps in Finland was held at the House of Nobility in Helsinki on 15th April and among various issues discussed and decided during the Annual Meeting, our participating Members also nominated our new Board.

After the Annual Meeting we had a great opportunity to hear the insider view on operations of Honorary Consuls around the world, when Mr. Matti Heimonen, Head of Protocol of Finland’s Foreign Ministry gave his presentation on procedures, his experiences and views on the importance of consular corps supporting the work of Foreign Ministries around the world.

Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Dean of Consular Corps in Finland thanked Mr. Matti Heimonen, Head of Protocol of Finnish Foreign Ministry, for his wonderful presentation and active Q&A session with the Consular Corps.

CC Luncheon with Mrs. Anne-Mari Virolainen, Minister of Foreign Trade and Development

Another active year of the Consular Corps in Finland was opened with the first CC Luncheon in 2019 and with a very special guest. Mrs. Anne-Mari Virolainen , Finland’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Development, shared her latest views on foreign trade, brexit, trade wars and trade agreements with over 40 representatives of the Consular Corps.

Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Honorary Consul of Nicaragua and Dean of the Consular Corps in Finland introduced Mrs. Anne-Mari Virolainen, Minister of Foreign Trade and Development.

Traditional CC Glögg, Helsinki Dec 17, 2018

Active Consular Corps Year of 2018 was sealed with the traditional Glögg event, this time at the legendary House of Nobility in Helsinki.

The holiday season of the Consular Corps was started with a nice of touch of Nicaragua, as the event was hosted by. H.E. Ricardo Jose Alvarado Noguera, Ambassador of Nicaragua and Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Hon. Consul of Nicaragua and Dean of Consular Corps.

Consular Corps had also a great pleasure to thank Mr. Harry Blässar, emeritus Hon. Consul General of Bangladesh, former Dean and Secretary of Consular Corps for his wonderful and active work with community for decades.

We wish all our members and supporters wonderful Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

CC Luncheon, 20 Nov 2018, with Mr. Petteri Orpo, Minister of Finance.

November 20, 2018.

Consular Corps had a great honour to have Mr. Petteri Orpo, Finland’s Minister of Finance joining the CC Luncheon as the Guest Speaker.

During these very busy times in the Finnish politics, Minister Petteri Orpo joined us to share his visions, views and thoughts and a very active Q&A session about the Finnish politics, many elections of 2019, EU, Brexit, defence, reform in the social and healthcare systems of Finland and much more.

Minister of Finance, Mr. Petteri Orpo shared his extensive views on various current issues in the Finnish and European politics with the audience.

Fifty people from the Consular Corps and Diplomatic Corps joined this event at the Svenska Klubben in Helsinki and we want to thank Minister Petteri Orpo and all the participants for their valuable time and active participation!

Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, HC of Nicaragua and Dean of the Consular Corps chaired the discussions after the Minister Petteri Orpo’s speech.

Dean of Consular Corps, HC of Nicaragua, Mr. Johan Grotenfelt thanked Minister Petteri Orpo with a book describing the best traditional Finnish secrets for fishing.


CC Corporate Visit, OP Group, 15 October 2018

October 15, 2018

After a few years break we brought back the tradition of CC Corporate Visits taking the Members of Consular Corps to visit the leading corporations in Finland. It was a great privilege to re-start this long-time tradition with a visit to the OP Group, the biggest Finnish financial house.

OP Group is a financial services group owned by its customers, a cooperative that provides banking-, insurance- and wealth-management services. OP Group has more than 12 000 employees and in the cooperative there are approximately 157 banks.

Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Dean of Consular Corps in Finland, presented the host of the CC Corporate event, Mr. Timo Ritakallio.

Our visit was hosted by Mr. Timo Ritakallio, President and Group Executive Chairman. He has been one of the key persons in the Finnish financial, banking and insurance sector for years and Consular Corps had a unique opportunity to hear his extensive visions over the financial sector’s presence and future as well OP Group’s activities in the changing environment with new digital technology, AI and beyond.

Mr. Timo Ritakallio, President and Group Executive Chairman of OP Group shared his extensive visions about the future of banking with the Consular Corps.

Representatives of 35 countries joined the event at OP Group at their HQ in Helsinki.

We thank Mr. Timo Ritakallio and OP Group for this wonderful opportunity and truly interesting evening with plenty of interactive questions and discussions around the future of banking and financial sector.


CC Visit to Vaasa, 18-19 September 2018

September 18-19, 2018

Energy and especially sustainable energy production is currently one of the most important issues around the world.  In addition to an extensive history over the centuries, the Vaasa region is nowadays the hearth and hub of energy production development and research in the whole Nordic region.  Just recently, Wärtsilä Corporation launched their plans to build a new advanced “Smart Technology Hub” unit to Vaasa. Vaasa is also one of the major cities in education and academic research in Finland.

Consular Corps in Finland had a pleasure to head to city of Vaasa located in the West-Coast of Finland. With an extensive history and one of the strongest development in Finland currently, Vaasa is also the real hub for all energy technology development in the Nordic region.

The CC Visit to Vaasa, organised by the local Consular Corps, was also the opening of the Fall Season of 2018 for CC Events. The outstanding program included visits to some of the leading companies in the energy sector as well as many new startups working with new advanced solutions for sustainable energy production and distribution.  

Below you will find a few pictures and please click to Consular Corps’ Facebook page for media clips and pictures.

And please click these links to find out more about activities around the energy sector in Vaasa:
Energy Week
Energy Spin

Consular Corps visiting the Wärtsilä factory in Vaasa, 19 September 2018.

Mr. Harry Blässar, Dean of the Consular Corps and Hon. Consul General of Bangladesh, thanked Mr. John Nyfors, Director of Wärtsilä for the great opportunity to visit the Wärtsilä’s factories in Vaasa.

What will be the future of energy business? Discussion about the opportunities, challenges and visions at Energy Spin located in the Vaasan Sähkö’s facilities.

Dean of Consular Corps, Honorary Consul General, Mr. Harry Blässar thanked Mrs. Susanne Slotte-Kock from City of Vaasa for the hospitality and opportunity to visit the dynamic city.

From left: Mr. Pekka Haapanen, Hon. Consul of Estonia in Vaasa, Mr. Harry Blässar, Hon. Consul General of Bangladesh and Dean of Consular Corps, Mr. Wille Eerola, Hon. Consul General of Pakistan and Secretary of Consular Corps. (Picture by Johanna Haveri, Vaasa Insider)

Visit was widely reported in the media too, including e.g. Pohjalainen, Vasabladet, Vaasa Insider, Radio Vaasa and many others. 

CC Spring Event at Kirkniemi Estate

May 22, 2018

Consular Corps Spring Event took place at the beautiful Kirkniemi Manor in Lohja, Finland. An outstanding estate with such an interesting history over the Swedish, Russian and eventually Finnish era during the last centuries.

Consular Corps wish to thank Metsä Group and also our wonderful hosts and superb tour guide for this exclusive opportunity to spend a wonderful afternoon at Kirkniemi!

Mr. Wille Eerola, Secretary of Consular Corps, Hon. Consul General of Pakistan and Mr. Harry Blässar, Dean of Consular Corps, Hon. Consul General of Bangladesh in front of the painting of Marshall C.G. Mannerheim.

Consular Luncheon 7 May 2018 with Mr. Erkki Tuomioja as the Guest Speaker

May 7, 2018 at Old Student House – Vanha Ylioppilastalo – in Helsinki

Mr. Erkki Tuomioja, former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland and one of the Founding Members of “Historians Without Borders” association joined the Consular Corps Luncheon with an interesting speech and discussion about the world’s history, facts and fakes, rewritten and retold ones.

Mr. Erkki Tuomioja joined the Consular Corps in Finland for a Luncheon in Helsinki on 7th May, 2018


Mr. Harry Blässar, Dean of Consular Corps and Hon. Consul General of Bangladesh thanked Mr. Erkki Tuomioja for his speech and time with the Consular Corps.

Consular Luncheon with Mr. Timo Soini, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Finland

March 20, 2018, Svenska Klubben, Helsinki

Consular Corps had a great pleasure to have Mr. Timo Soini, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Finland, as the guest speaker at the CC Event of March. Total 60 representatives of 50 countries joined this great luncheon with interesting speech and active Q&A session.

Dean of Consular Corps, Honorary Consul General Harry Blässar thanked Foreign Minister Timo Soini for his great speech at the CC Luncheon on March 20, 2018.




Commonwealth Day Cocktails at B3CF

28 February 2018

British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland hosted the Honorary Consuls representing Commonwealth countries in Finland for a Commonwealth Day Cocktails at their office in Helsinki. 

Garry Parker and Vladislav Dobrokhotov from British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland presented the current affairs of CW.