Consular Corps Luncheon, 5 Feb 2018

5 Feb 2018 , Helsinki

First Consular Corps event of 2018 held in Helsinki with Ph.D. Lasse Lehtinen as the Guest Speaker.  


Dean of Consular Corps, Mr. Harry Blässar (left) and Ph.D. Lasse Lehtinen, Guest Speaker at the first CC event of 2018.

Mr. Lehtinen, well-known author, politician and historian shared his views over Finland through the decades, from 1910s to present, in his very interesting speech to the Consuls.

Consular Corps in Finland express also its gratitude to Consul Christian Borenius, former Secretary of Consular Corps, for his strong role in the actions of CCs for the last ten years.

Honorary Consul Mr. Christian Borenius, Honorary Consul Mrs. Marja-Liisa Rosberg and Dean, Honorary Consul General, Mr. Harry Blässar.