Consular Corps in Finland proudly presents – Corporate View, set of virtual events with business leaders

Due the COVID19 spread, all planned physical events are temporarily postponed due the current recommendations. However, we are pleased to host set of virtual events this winter-spring time!

Corporate View” is a set of virtual afternoon events with interesting corporate profiles sharing their views on current and future issues after the challenging and unexpected era we all have been living during the last year. What we can expect in 2021 and beyond, what are the biggest challenges international business life is facing, who are the winners, who are the losers, are we seeing a totally new normal or are we all back soon where we were before the COVID-19?

Interesting presentations and discussion opportunities – that’s how the Consular Corps winter and spring 2021 looks like – welcome to join!

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Time for the second round of Corporate View and this time we jump into the cyber world with Mr. Mikko Hyppönen, one of the most known Global Cyber Security Experts, computer virus fighter, Head of Research at F-Secure and so much more, who has delivered hundreds of talks in tens of countries over the last thirty years. Regularly seen author of his research in New York Times, Wired, Scientific American and various TV interviews around the world. He has lectured at the universities of Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge, among the 50 most important people on the web by the PC World Magazine and one of FP Global 100 Thinkers list. And now, on 16th March at 15:00 Finnish time he will open the door to the amazing cyber world to us.

Please note: The registration is already closed. If you would wish to join, please email the Secretary of Consular Corps at

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Please notice some guidelines to be followed during these virtual events:

1) The link that you will receive to your email address given above a couple days prior the event, will open you an access to the event, being held on Microsoft Teams -platform. You can click the link directly or copy the link to your browser. Moderator will open your access to the meeting. We would appreciate that everyone is online 5-10 minutes before the start.

2) After opening of all the connections, we will ask all participants to switch off both microphones and video connections during the speech of our guest. Meeting is opened by the Chairman,  Dean of Consular Corps and moderated by the Secretary of Consular Corps.

3) After the guest’s presentation, there will be time for some questions, all slots are given based on requests with the “raise your hand” or chat options available in Teams and confirmed by the moderator or chairman. When your slot for questions is announced by the Chairman, please open your microphone and video connection (if you wish to use video) and raise your question. 

4) Event is chaired by Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Dean of Consular Corps in Finland, Hon. Consul of Nicaragua and moderated by Mr. Wille Eerola, Secretary of Consular Corps, Hon. Consul General of Pakistan.

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